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4. Armored Vehicle model Alvis Tactica - Donation

4. Armored Vehicle model Alvis Tactica - Donation

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We are raising funds for an armored all-terrain vehicle needed by a Ukrainian first aid partner. The vehicle will be used by medical professionals to perform emergency extractions of patients with severe and dangerous trauma injuries. The armored vehicle gets closer to the patient, which greatly increases the chance of survival. In life-saving treatment, the first hours are the most important and the patient should be able to get out of the field quickly to better care. This vehicle will also increase the safety of medical staff.

We have found a used Alvis Tactica off-road vehicle that corresponds to the need for assistance. In this product category, we are raising funds to purchase, service and deliver this vehicle to Ukraine. If someone else is able to purchase the vehicle we have found before us, the money will be used to purchase a similar vehicle.

The pictures showing the Red Cross vehicle are an example from a frontline area where similar vehicles are already in active use.

Each purchase represents 1% of the price of the vehicle. We recommend that you target your donation at a fixed percentage of 1 - 5 - 10 - 25 - 50 - 100%. The total price of the vehicle is €60,000.

Fundraising permit RA/2023/1595

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