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The mayor of Butša, which was the scene of atrocities in the Ukrainian war: "Finland is a role model for Ukraine"

Anatoli Fedoruk, the mayor of the city of Butša, who visited Finland, says that the example of the winter war encouraged him to stay in his hometown when the Russian settlers arrived.

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Why does Anders Brotherus take hundreds of thousands of euros worth of aid to Ukraine, even though aid organizations exist?

Startup investor Anders Brotherus has organized hundreds of thousands of euros in grants to Ukraine. At the turn of the year, another load left. But why does he want to go to Ukraine himself and not leave the task to the big aid organizations?


Finlandssvenska Andreas Wilkman har sett krigt i Ukraina på nära Håll

When the war in Ukraine broke out for over six months, the finlandssvenska Andreas Wilkman knew exactly what he should do. He has a solid background in logistics and together with his friends Fredrik Teir and Anders Brotherus bar det i väg med väskorna fillda av skydtvästar, Hjälmar och equipment för först hälgen. Destination? The border between Poland and Ukraine.

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