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IFAK, personal first aid kit - donation

IFAK, personal first aid kit - donation

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IFAK, or Individual First Aid Kit, is a fighter's personal first aid kit. During the war on terror (2001-2021) in the United States, it was found that most of the own soldiers who died on the battlefield could have been saved if all soldiers had been issued with a slightly better first aid kit. With IFAK thinking, the following equipment has been distributed to the ordinary soldier in the West for decades:

-To stop massive bleeding (tourniquet and tourniquet).

-Control of respiratory tract obstruction (nasopharyngeal tube).

Treatment of chest-penetrating lung injuries (air-tight chest-seal adhesive bandage for lung injuries and puncture needle for decompression).

-Prevention of hypothermia and keeping warm (space blanket).

The Ukrainians have requested IFAK kits and our wholesaler has agreed to supply a specially priced set to suit. IFAK packaging allows effective treatment at the beginning of the treatment chain. Effective treatment measures started at the very beginning of the treatment chain enormously increase the patient's chances of survival. The kit for this campaign includes:

1 x Molle attached medical bag
1 x tourniquet
2 x Pressure bandage
2 x Ventilated Chest Seal
1 x Grease dressing for burns
1 x Nasopharyngeal Tube
1 x Gauze
1 x Bag
1 x Sports tape
1 x Large wound dressing
2 x Disinfectant wipes, alcohol based
1 x Triple bandage
1 x Burn gel
1 x Space blanket
1 x First aid scissors
1 x Splint support bandage

Fundraising permit RA/2023/1595
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