Operation Sisua to the Border!

Zero Line Finland has launched Operation Sisua Rajalle!

Operation Sisua to the Border! aims to give a clear signal that the support for Ukraine is still very strong and is growing every day in Finland. In an effort to do this Zero Line Finland will arrange it's so far biggest aid package brought in as an aid convoy to Ukraine during the Victory in Europe Day . Final destination for the convoy will be in Kyiv where Ukrainian Mayors, General and members of the Ukrainian Parliament will be welcoming the convoy.

Several high profile persons have already committed in taking part of the convoy and becoming official patrons for the operation. The first of these names will be published soon and we are welcoming more.

Official companies supporting and being partners of this operation are so far:

We are welcoming many more supporters to join in and we will publish the next ones very soon.

Zero Line Finland are here working on fulfilling gathered and verified requests received from units and organizations in Ukraine.

We will be procuring these needed products through Trusted co-operation partners and Verified European vendors. When the majority of the procured goods will be transported through logistical co-operating partners into Ukraine by trucks, we are able to procure the goods directly without paying VAT and we are also being promised special discounts for this operation. In an effort to have all needed documents for the customs and transport companies done in time, we will end the fundraiser on 28.4.2024 at 23:59 .

These are the items that have been urgently requested and the graph showing how far we have reached the goal for each category or item. More information about end receivers and request details can be found at the "product pages" and will also be shared soon.

To help us making this Operation Sisua Rajalle! a success story please spread the word about this Operation among your friends, relatives, colleagues and on social media and make a donation towards one or many of the "products" and items listed below and also listen on the donation page .

Field spade
Army level Shoes
Army level Backpacks or Duffel Bags

Tactical Gloves
Protective Glasses
Severe Trauma Kits
Protective Vests
Ballistic Helmets
Army level Boxers
Army level Pants
Alvis Tactica Armored Vehicle
5 seats / larger pick-up truck no. 1
5 seats / larger pick-up truck no. 2
5 seats/ larger pick-up truck no. 3
Used 2 seats pick-up truck nr 1
Eco Flows
Used Van no. 1
Used Van no. 2
Used Van no. 3
Used Van no. 4
Used normal car no. 1
Used small Van nr 1
Used Truck no. 1
Demining boat no. 1