Valon majakat Ukrainan rannikolla

Valon majakat Ukrainan rannikolla


Without so-called aids to navigation (ATON), commercial and other vessels cannot navigate. Cargo doesn't move, export stalls and economies suffer. This was likely one of the aims of Russia when various ATON systems were all but systematically destroyed along the Black Sea coast.

Above: World-class aids to navigation equipment from Finland

Sabik Marine , based in the city of Porvoo in Finland, provides coast guards, marine authorities, navies, and ports around the globe with world-class ATON solutions. Their buoy lanterns and Lighthouse beacons are not only silently keeping maritime traffic running, but are designed to operate autonomously in extreme environments year round.

Above: Representatives of the The State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine receiving much-needed aids to navigation equipment.

The call for urgent replacements of destroyed systems by the State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine (SHSU) was responded to by Sabik Marine. More than fifty ATON products of various types were donated as per the precise specifications of the SHSU. The ATON products donated by Sabik Marine were delivered on-site to several SHSU locations personally by the Zero Line Finland team.

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