Zero Line Finland Partners

In effort to be as efficient as possible in the aim of supporting Ukraine Zero Line Finland team relies a lot on our international partners and sister organsiations. Zero Line Finland is fortunate to have found trusted partners that share same values and ethics.

Prime co-operative International NGO partners that can be considered sister organsiations

Charitable Foundation Free in Spirit (Ukraine)
Team of lawyers and project managers in Ukraine that has been involved bringing more than 2500 vehicles to Ukraine 

Zero Line Logistics (USA)
Zero Line, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is a team of Ukranians, Americans and Europeans with private sector, philanthropic, military and academic backgrounds working together to help make front line workers more effective and more survivable.

Extended co-operative international NGO partners

Ukraine Aid Ops

Supporting Business Partners

First official Supporting Business Partners will soon be published. In case your company is intereted to become such partner please reach out to us.