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Ballistic helmet - donation

Ballistic helmet - donation

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In this category we are raising money to buy MICH2000 ballistic helmets (or equivalent). The helmets will be delivered to rescue workers in Odessa and Kherson. The rescuers are made up of firefighters and volunteers involved in the rescue of rubble. Such protective equipment will increase the safety of the rescuers.

The rescue work involves clearing bomb damage and rescuing victims from the rubble. Rescuers have requested ballistic protection equipment because Russia has introduced the so-called "double tap" tactic. The same civilian target is bombed twice. The first time, the target is destroyed. Then, a few hours are spent waiting for emergency personnel to arrive at the site. Then the target is bombed again to ensure that the rescuers are also affected.

This is a terrorist tactic aimed at increasing the deterrent effect of the bombing and disrupting rescue operations.

Fundraising authorisation RA/2023/1595

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