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Backback / duffle bag - donation

Backback / duffle bag - donation

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This category raises money to buy quality backpacks and duffel bags. Backpacks and gig bags allow you to carry larger items of equipment. Backpacks can be carried on a mission and duffel bags can be used as "base bags".

A base bag is used to pack the larger items needed to sustain the operation (sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cooking utensils, a change of clothes, etc.). It is not advisable to carry such items with you at all times. You will go to work with light equipment and the base bag will remain at the base. When you return from a mission, your belongings can be quickly found in one place. With everything you need to live in one bag, you can move quickly and efficiently between accommodation.

Items are delivered to the units involved in explosive ordnance disposal and first aid.

Fundraising permit RA/2023/1595

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