Sisua Rajalle! - Osa 4 - Puola

Sisua Rajalle! - Part 4 - Poland

In Poland, long stretches of brand-new highways have recently been built with speed limits ranging from 110 to 140 km/h. They are very pleasant to drive on, although a bit boring in the long run. However, our large vehicles are limited to a maximum speed of about 85 km/h, so unfortunately, we couldn't fully benefit from the highway. Two breaks along the approximately 600 km stretch to Rzeszow meant that we drove for 2.5 - 3 hours at a time. Towards the end, it started to get quite tough, and visibly tired drivers eventually arrived in Ostoya on the outskirts of Rzeszow.

Sitting in a car for such long periods can, of course, become quite tedious, and as a pastime, people listen to music, discuss this and that, share memes to the group chat, or do work (like writing a travel blog) when they're not at the wheel. Much of the planning for the upcoming journey also happens, so to speak, on-the-fly, and hotel bookings and restaurant visits are sometimes arranged along the way as our schedule becomes clearer.

Along the way through Poland, we split up a bit, as we were picking up a participant from Warsaw and the trucks simultaneously did not want to drive through Warsaw's ring roads, which are very busy. A group also went ahead to visit Treblinka and rejoined our company at the lunch break.

In the evening, we parked the cars in Ostoya, reloaded a bit in preparation for the next day's border crossing, and then were driven to our hotel Prezydencki in the center of Rzeszow. There, our host, Dr. Mazur, treated us to a three-course dinner with fine beverages, and there were some speeches in a good atmosphere. Afterwards, some went out for a quick look at the few bars that were still open on a Tuesday, but considering the early wake-up call, it was not a long night.

We also had some last-minute issues with the load documentation for the border control, but through cooperation and determination, that problem was also resolved in a couple of hours, and everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the dinner and their short time in Rzeszow.

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