Sisua Rajalle! - Osa 2 - Lähtö

Sisua Rajalle! - Part 2 - Departure

A large part of departure day was spent making the final preparations and ensuring that all drivers received their cars. Tire pressures were checked, some fueled up, and generally got ready for departure. However, most of the time was just spent waiting for the evening.

Our first leg took us from Vuosaari port by cargo ferry to Estonia. Both before and after check-in, we had small gatherings where we discussed practical matters - how and in which order we would drive, which drivers in which cars, etc. Some materials, such as radios, chargers, mobile phone holders, first aid kits, and reflective vests were also distributed. The cars were taped with decals, and cargo was redistributed.

The crossing itself was uneventful. We drove onboard, had dinner in the small restaurant, and then sat in the half-empty, quiet lounge watching the open sea and discussing the upcoming journey. I actually liked the trip a lot, and the contrast to the generally overcrowded passenger ferries with their karaoke bars and general cacophony was really refreshing. Personally, I will strongly consider a cargo ship for my next car trip in the Baltics!

Once in Estonia, we drove off the ferry in the order we were directed, and then gathered at a gas station to fuel all the vehicles. With only two pumps (the station itself was closed at the time we arrived), it took a while to get all twelve vehicles ready, but it was accomplished without much trouble. Then we drove on to our hotel, which turned out to have plenty of parking spaces behind it, even though at first glance it looked quite full.

Check-in, a little information about tomorrow's schedule, and then most could go to bed. For some of us, however, planning continued for a while, with route choices and prepayment of Latvian and Lithuanian tolls for the larger vehicles, which for such a large number of vehicles was more work than one might think.

At 2 AM, we finally turned off the lights and got a few hours of sleep before the next day's challenges.

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